Underwriting Consulting

Our senior staff has a wide-ranging underwriting background in several lines of reinsurance as well as structured risk. Through the combination of our market knowledge and our underwriting skills, we can deliver practical underwriting advice.

Reinsurance Underwriting Audits
  • Conducted either in pre-binding phase, monitoring or for renewal purposes
  • Review placing material and selected risk files to ensure compliance with representations made and contract terms
  • Assess underwriting philosophy and quality of risk selection of the cedant
  • Verify compliance with reinsurance contract terms and conditions
  • Verify compliance with limit structures and premium income estimates
  • Review premiums to ensure correct application of brokerage fees, commissions, deductions and reinstatements
  • Evaluate procedures in place for quotation, firm order, and cancellation
  • Evaluate completeness of underwriting files documentation: correspondence, pricing, modeling, contract documentation
Review and Set Up of Reinsurance Underwriting Guidelines
  • Help define underwriting philosophy
  • Establish permitted and excluded classes
  • Determine authorities and delegation
  • Establish a list of mandatory clauses and exclusions
  • Outline underwriting workflow and procedures
  • Set-up pricing and modeling guidelines
Reinsurance Contract Wording Reviews
  • Ensure that contract wording reflects the intent of the parties
  • Review contract clauses and verify that all standard clauses are included
  • Analyze reinsurance contract provisions for their ability to respond correctly to intended contract features
Advice with Structured Reinsurance
  • Contract terms and features
  • Best practices
  • Alignment of interests
  • Risk transfer determination
  • Assessment of accounting treatment