General Insurance Consulting

The Horseshoe Group employs staff with diverse backgrounds in insurance and reinsurance. This diversity allows us to provide a broad range of insurance related services.

Accounting Audits
  • Conducted either in pre-binding phase, monitoring or for renewal purposes
  • Evaluate the accuracy of billing statements and cessions
  • Ensure appropriate application of inuring reinsurance and common account reinsurance
  • Review internal procedures for handling premium, claims and collection issues
  • Ensure figures reported in bordereaux are consistent with internal reports from the cedant
  • Evaluate timeliness and completeness of reporting from original cedants and tracking of reports and remittances
  • Ensure that adequate audit trail exists
Accounting and Actuarial Outsourcing
  • When there is a temporary need for additional accounting or actuarial resources
  • When companies need to reduce back office costs without capital investment
  • When management needs to focus on decision-making and analysis instead of managing clerical back office staff
  • When companies want to gain better control over their business and the finance and accounting functions
Insurance System Implementation
  • Assist in the evaluation of insurance systems
  • Advise on information to be captured
  • Review data input process and database design
Financial Control Review and Design
  • Facilitate risk assessment to identify areas of potential exposure to financial or reputational loss
  • Evaluate internal control environment within an organization with an aim to ensure effective use of controls in complex operational environments
  • Advise on design and implementation of financial controls
  • Evaluate control deficiencies to diagnose root cause and design and implement effective remediation to prevent further loss