Client Login


Horseshoe Group has developed an Internet-based facility to provide clients with instant access to data on their companies. Using web-based technology, clients are given access to an online repository of information that enables them to access their company data efficiently and effectively.

Featuring a sophisticated, categorized document repository, notice board and key contacts area, it enables clients to consult their entire company databank on demand in a secure environment.

● Gain full access to documentation on your company, on demand
● Access key information regarding your company's status, including current and historical data
● Receive e-mail alerts when new documents are uploaded to the document repository
● View up-to-date notices and information posted by your account team

Horseshoe provides clients with the opportunity to access their companies' information from one central point. Simple to set up and easy to manage, the portal helps increase productivity by improving the flow of information and freeing up time that can be better spent on other tasks.

Each microsite is password-protected and set up on a secure extranet.