Actuarial Services

Day-to-day and long-term operations of a (re)insurance enterprise are impacted by the demands and constraints placed upon its human and economic capital. A company’s success in maintaining core values, corporate identity and business performance can mean weathering the storms of evolving regulatory requirements, changes in the marketplace, shifts in consumer preferences and competing management, investor and other stakeholder interests. Actuaries can play a unique role in not only quantifying the quality of that success, but assisting in its design, implementation and maintenance.

Horseshoe Group Actuarial brings a comprehensive skillset to the client-consultant relationship. We have years of experience providing solutions to real-world problems, be they on-going or short-term, mandatory or what-if. Our solutions are as varied as our client environments; insurance, reinsurance and alternative risk transfer firms, local and global markets, and commercial and personal lines.

We deliver quality actuarial service with an appreciation for the non-technical side of consultancy. We listen and advise with your best interests in mind. Our engagement adds value beyond just the final report.

Loss Reserve Analysis

The Horseshoe Group offers a range of actuarial services in the area of loss reserve analysis including:

  • Statutory loss reserve certification (e.g., Statement of Actuarial Opinion, Loss Reserve Specialist Opinion)
  • Periodic review of Loss & Loss Adjustment Expenses provisions
  • Evaluation of loss reserves for Loss Portfolio Transfers or Commutations
  • Schedule P review

We provide filing support meeting the internal and regulatory requirements from filing-to-approval, working closely with the client and regulator. Our assignments have included:

  • Rate filing support
  • Expense analysis
  • Profit-by-line review
  • Rating plan efficacy review
  • Underwriting review
  • Market impact analysis
  • Rating/statistical bureau data calls
Reinsurance Actuarial Support

Our experience in the reinsurance market is multi-faceted and the actuarial services we provide encompass:

  • Pricing
  • Treaty/contract analysis and structuring advice
  • Risk transfer analysis
  • Pre-binding actuarial audit
  • Commutation and novation analysis
  • Capital-at-risk reviews
  • Catastrophe modeling review and data quality testing
  • Exposure analysis
  • Schedule F review
Alternative Risk Financing

We aid our clients in managing risk with an appreciation for the client’s risk appetite and an understanding of the financing options available. We have provided assistance to Captives, Risk Retention Groups, Self-Insureds and Rent-a-Captives in the following areas:

  • Loss forecasting and confidence level analysis
  • Retention analysis
  • Feasibility study
  • Premium allocation study
  • Workers Comp Large Dollar Deductible & Excess Insurance Pricing
  • Risk transfer compliance analysis
Capital Adequacy Testing

Core metrics establishing the health and viability of an enterprise are vital to the image it presents to its stakeholders. Our expertise includes:

  • NAIC Risk Based Capital computations
  • Best’s BCAR computation and review
  • Bermuda BSCR study
  • Economic Capital analysis
  • Probability of ruin analysis
Product Development

We partner with our clients in the design and development of products to market, using state-of-the-art data analysis and modeling. We have been involved with:

  • Product introduction, revision
  • Class plan analysis
  • Predictive modeling
  • Credit scoring
Competitive Intelligence

Peer group and market analyses are key in mapping directions the company can take given its current position via:

  • Market trend analysis
  • Market surveys
  • Rate comparisons
  • Regulatory initiatives review
Management Reporting

We help clients use their information efficiently when making business decisions. Analyses we can assist with include:

  • ROE, IRR profit projection and analysis
  • Regulatory and bureau data calls
  • Statutory reporting, audits
  • Exposure, premium & loss book of business profiles
  • Pro forma financials
  • Retention analysis
Litigation Support

We support our clients in claims disputes, in partnership with our Claims Consulting division. Our involvement covers:

  • Expert testimony
  • Mediation
  • Litigation support
  • Arbitration, dispute/resolution
Mergers & Acquisitions

Due diligence, valuation and litigation support are provided in the following areas for entities exploring opportunities for capital investment:

  • Cash flow analysis
  • Pre/post consolidation economics
  • Re-structure economies
  • Reserve liability analysis